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At Garden State bioEnterprises, we know the challenges of keeping your advantage in the competitive nutriceutical, medical, cosmetic, and agricultural markets. That's why we're dedicated to consistently delivering top-quality algae products. Currently specializing in growing Haematococcus Pluvialis for the production of all-natural astaxanthin, we can help optimize your bioproduct… and your satisfaction.

  • Expertise – Scientific and engineering staff with algae growing experience.
  • Efficiency – Fine-tuned process for ideal output and maximum client ROI.
  • Extra Mile – Ongoing R&D and the latest tech for rapid product advancement.

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features & benefits

What's different when you work with us? Not only do you get a top-of-the-line quality algae product, but with our commercial output and cost effective processes that means more bottom line value to you.

HaematococcusPluvialis Algal Cell with Astaxanthin

Quality. Utilizing the most advanced methods, nutrients, and technology, we optimize the algae's growth and processing for the best extraction condition.

All-Natural. While almost all of the astaxanthin for the large aquacultural segment (where it's used for adding pink color to salmon) is synthetically produced, ours is all-natural.

Reliability. With the right quality, reasonable pricing, and rapid turnaround, we'll be your go-to algae producer so you can do business with confidence.

Long-Term Relationship. We value the long-term and work with our purchasers to advance their interests and position across various markets for both now and the future.

astaxanthin applications

Astaxanthin is a xanthophyll carotenoid that is produced as a metabolite byproduct of algal growth. Ongoing trials are testing its benefits for cardiovascular and nervous system health and for combating eye disease.


High Potency. With nutrient and environmental enhancements in a controlled bio-reactor, we can amplify the components that really matter.

Anti-Oxidant Carotenoid. An anti-oxidizing power 550 times that of vitamin E, it works to neutralize free radicals that damage and age the human body.

Natural Nutritional Supplement. With rare benefits that can cross the blood- brain barrier, the power and breadth of its nutriceutical uses are staggering.

Wide Variety of Benefits. Cosmetics, animal feed and food coloring, biomass, and many other industries can heavily benefit from its bio-chemical makeup.

about us

A rapidly emerging leader in the wholesale commercial algae production industry, Garden State bioEnterprises, LLC (GS bioE) has its main facilities located in Woodbine New Jersey, USA. With a dual focus on effective products and efficient processes, GS bioE has developed the capabilities and accumulated the expertise to handle orders for biotech clients anywhere in the world.

Its algae is grown in environmentally controlled photo bio-reactors, allowing for highly scalable production, complex protocols, and fine-tuned algal products and byproducts. All GS bioE's state-of-the-art equipment meet FDA standards. These factors place GS bioEnterprises in an ideal position to meet the highest volume of product and the most challenging specifications for its customers.

Since its focus is on a non-end product, GS bioE does not compete against but rather partners with pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, cosmetic, and energy companies to help them refine their own end products and sharpen their edge in the marketplace.

Garden State bioEnterprises has forged strategic partnerships with key groups in both the the industry and academia. The company works with Dr. Matthew Julius, Professor of Biological Studies at St. Cloud State University. GS bioE works with its partners to improve operations for mutual advantage, long-term growth, and the constant production of natural algae products.

Its principals include Andrew Greene, President, and Paul Mulligan, Site Director.

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